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artecology_network e.V. has a focus on dynamics in the context of the landscape, the collection of backgrounds, artistic analogical images, actions, interactions, thought processes is the real artistic production of landscape art.

The members working on important process of collaboration among artists, working with scientists and competent curators, negotiation of relationships, artistic work on environmental perception.

The association is dedicated to the dynamics between art and nature in the landscape, as well as the interaction of art and culture as a social responsibility in dealing with landscape.

The task of the association is to raise awareness of cultural responsibilities in relation to climate change.

The association represents all branches of the fine arts, especially interdisciplinary ways of working in the research field of art and science. The association supports projects primarily in foreign and / or non-institutional space.

The association works nationally and internationally in the exchange with organizations that deal in similar ways artistic and cultural politics with issues of sustainability.


The artists of artecology_network e.V. bundles the competences of artists who are dedicated to the connection of art and ecology over long periods of time. The artecology_network e.V. aims at a supra-regional and (inter-) national assertive perception of environmental art projects whose character will be explained in the following.

The positioning of the professional, German artists of artecology_network is in worldwide connection with artists who dedicate themselves to site-specific and elementary existential themes of life on planet earth. The extended art concept of Ecoart includes contemporary currents such as Social Landart, Social Sculpture, Environmental Art and Nature Art. Their interfaces and different premises have been examined in an international scientific and practical context. The actors' methods form criteria from art to burning questions of the future.

The "artecology networker" have developed working methods which take into account particularly sustainable relationships of social and cultural, ecological and economic conditions of the areas examined by you in the sense of equal rights.

The focus of the cooperation is currently the project (Bio) Diversity Corridor in the District of Oldenburg .

The artecology_network expands site-specifically with local cultural institutions, which significantly embody the relationship between ecology and the living world, as well as with artists, who feel themselves turned towards the principles of the artecology_network. The optimal field of action for the artecology_network is also interested in the cooperation of controversial site-specific actors.