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Beloved Neophyte

"What does the myth of neophytes hold?"

In a comparison of the "native plant world" with alien plants, which have established themselves rapidly growing, uncoordinated and invasively in natural areas of the region, Anja Schoeller examines together with experts*internal gardens and parks in the district. It is stalked, meditated on, documented and recorded, up to a "neophyte summit" and a creative future study.

Neophyte summit
Together with experts from the district (herb nurseries, Wildeshausen Wilderness School, Terra Arcanum, and Lower Nature Conservation Authority of Oldenburg District, forestry, Anja Schoeller examines the handling of alien plants, which have established themselves rapidly growing, uncoordinated and invasive in natural areas of the region, in comparison with the so-called "native plant world". Neophytes cause trouble for agriculture and forestry. We find them in gardens and parks. They can cause damage to health, but can also be processed into food. They like to settle in nutrient-rich grey zones of the field, road and forest edges and can also be bought in DIY stores and garden centres.

Under the motto "The myth of neophytes" , a controversial approach will be taken in three workshops:
First of all, site-specific research and observation, and an image will be gained in agricultural areas, forests, parks, but also in bourgeois gardens. It is stalked, meditated, documented and recorded.
Second, the knowledge learned and the perspectives gained are to be redefined in reflexive processes and evaluations.

As "Beloved Neophyte" a creative study of the future is brought into form at the end. A table service will be developed by and with the participants that aims to "finally" bring the various unloved plants and animal species to the table.


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Picture 1: Graphic of beloved NEOphyt
Picture 2: Anja Schoeller with Indian balsam
Figure 3: Program NEOphyten-Summit
Picture 4: Anja Schoeller and Peter Becker feeding neophytes
Fig. 5 : NEOphyten stalk with Japanese knotting
Picture 6: Peter Becker harvests flowers from the Indian Balsam
Picture 7: Presentation of the NEOphyten portraits in the foyer of the Kreishaus Wildeshausen
Picture 12: Design of the table service "loved NEOphyt" by Anja Schoeller

Anja Schoeller, *1969, Dipl. Kommunikation Design 1997, Dipl. Kunst und öffentlicher Raum 2007, Integrative, participative artist, lives in Fürth (Bavaria).
In collectives, like Interim report she develops to historical, ecological topics, forms of action and dialogue fields; "Berlin creation" Recommended for imitation! Expeditions in Aesthetics and Sustainability, Berlin 2010, "Clean Water Bar", 2011, Ethiopia, H. Böll Foundation, Goethe Ins.; Vom Hilligen Born, 2013; "Aqurolloid" Environment Senate, Water Berlin 2015; "Glück Auf"; 2015 De-Growth Conference/Climacamp in Garzweiler(NRW)