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Kitchen mobil - Küchenmobil

"What feeds us?"

The climate-friendly Kitchenmobil tests inspiring areas of self-sufficiency from local resources. It encourages self-determination and responsibility and focuses on regional food. Cooking together with wild herbs, vegetables and fruit from own cultivation makes it possible to re-experience one's own food supply. Last but not least, the healing effects of the ingredients used play a role.

The "Kitchen Mobile" is an environmentally friendly Load - E-Bike with integrated kitchen module, which draws attention to the edibles of the landscape, the wilderness and the vegetable gardens.

Short distances for regional foodstuffs are climate-friendly - they preserve the valuable nutrients in the food without long storage times and transport routes and give the citizens* a piece of self-design and responsibility back.
In exchange with residents*, pupils, politicians, farmers* and even new neighbours and people with flight experience etc., the general and personal food supply is to be experienced by cooking together with wild herbs and vegetables and fruit from own cultivation brought along.

Workshops will test together how self-sufficiency from local resources could work.
Workshop topics include From garden to fork Wild herb knowledge, delicacies from flowers and fruits, Wild herb salts homemade and much more. ,

The recipes are to be collected and documented together for a cookbook with stories, sketches, drawings and photographs of ingredients brought along and the wilderness, supplemented with anecdotes and information on home remedies and healing effects of the ingredients used. The kitchen mobile is networked with other projects during the entire project period. It can also be booked for events in 2019 via Krautsalon .

The kitchen mobile had its premiere on 7 May 2017 at the Climate Day in Wildeshausen.


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Picture 1: Mayor Christian Pundt, Hatten and Mayor Herwig Wöbse, Harpstedt at the Kitchen Mobile at the opening ceremony

Picture 2: #Kitchenmobil Logo

Picture 3+4: #Kitchenmobil on the climate mile Wildeshausen with wild herb salt Campaign

We thank the Gemeinde Hatten for the friendly support of the E-Loadbike. _______________________________________________________

Press comments on the kitchen mobile

envIRONMENTAL ART - Making nature more comprehensible. NWZ, Werner Fademrecht, 17.06.2017

Weserkurier, Antje Rickmeier, 08.05.2017
[...] Jaana Prüss had not bought the ingredients for her herbal salt in the shop, but had freshly harvested them on a meadow in Wüsting. Stinging nettles, girsch, Gundermann, daisies and ribwort were crushed in a mortar and mixed with salt. One buys the iceberg lettuce in the supermarket, said Jaana Prüss. "Everything grows in our environment." With her kitchen mobile she is also taking part in the new project "Biodiversity Corridor", in which workshops on nature and art are to be offered in the district of Oldenburg. […],-samba asparagus-and-climate_protection_arid,1594708.html#nfy-reload

Weeds can also become food , NWZ, Verena Sieling, 08.05.2017

Jaana Prüss, *1967, artist, cultural activist, wilderness educator and curator, founded Morgengrün Kommunikation in 2004 and was awarded the environmental media prize of Deutsche Umwelthilfe in 2010. The German Council for Sustainable Development awarded her projects Project Sustainability 2011 and 2015.
Your publication 'fair-handeln! Instigations for Sustainable Action" was nominated by the German Environmental Foundation for the Environmental Book of the Year 2015. Participatory Projects in Public Space: Among Neighbours to the European Capital of Culture Istanbul 2010, In Transit, 5th European Month of Photography, 2013; Market of Capabilities, Citizen Art Days, 2013; Black Market for Errors, degrowth Leipzig 2014

Jaana Prüss Wikipedia