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Dr. Hildegard Kurt, cultural scientist, author and practically at the Feld der Sozialen Plastik, is co-founder and board member of the "und. Institute for Art, Culture and Sustainability". (and.Institute). The current focus of her work is the question of how the cultural dimension of the Sustainability can be opened up in a new, deeper way - as a culture of liveliness.

Peer Holthuizen, ∆t Projektkunst, deals project-like and process-oriented with colour, space, style and form, i.e. "silent theatre" in the form of interdisciplinary projects. In addition to autonomous art projects, his work also includes supposedly applied projects such as the development of a transport system for low-energy vehicles (Ministry of Transport of the Netherlands), trade fair and stage design, art events or the project 3X3, in which artists* from various disciplines collaborate with companies.

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Fischer
cultural and media scientist, author, gardener. Main topics are: Coastal change Sylt, Elbe Dresden; on the scientific - literary level - natural theory and natural aesthetics; further interests: Wadden Sea, rainwater collection, cultural project "Riversland" etc.

Dr. Helene von Oldenburg, The basic principle is a constant transition from one medium to another. Different concepts include different media implementations. I avoid repetitions and also an old-fashioned mastery in a medium. A conceptual and sketchy conception connects the different media uses, which are at the same time strongly influenced by the media format.

Werner Henkel
Werner Henkel, born 1956, Nature in its manifold manifestations is the material, space and theme of his art: NatureArte. 1990-92 Artistic assistant at the Ökologiestation Bremen, since 1992 NaturArte - Seminars on the aesthetic approach to nature, international exhibitions.

Anja Schoeller
, born 1969, Dipl. Kommunikation Design 1997, Dipl. Kunst und öffentlicher Raum 2007, integrative, participative artist, lives in Fürth (Bay.), in collectives such as Zwischenbericht she develops historical, ecological themes, forms of action and dialogue fields; "Berlin Creation" ZNE, recommended for imitation, Berlin 2010, "Clean Water Bar", 2011, Ethiopia, H. Böll Foundation, Goethe Ins.; "Aqurolloid" Environment Senate, Water Berlin 2015; "Glück Auf"; 2015 De-Growth Conference/Climacamp in Garzweiler(NRW)

Kerstin Polzin
born 1971, Dipl. / Meisterschülerin Fine Arts 2005, Postgrad. Dipl. Kunst und öffentlicher Raum 2007, guest lecturer at Dortmund University 2006, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology Bangalore 2013, University of Bamberg 2014, participative projects, thematic focus on ecology, urban spaces, participation; "Guided Flow" Austria 2006, "EXPERIENCE PRODUCTION "ehem. AEG Hallen Nürnberg 2008-09, "Clean Water Bar" Ätiopien 2011, "Citizen Art Days" Berlin 2012/13/15/16/ Bangalore 2013/ Bogota 2014, Cooperative Art Strategies and Participation Formats in Public Space.

Marianne Steinkamp
born 1963, lithographer, freelance photographer, activist, founding member of the Bürger- und Geschichtsverein Wildeshausen, active in monument conservation, development of benefit and cultural events involving the rural population "Kultur unter den Linden" 07-09, "FoLySon" Photographic-poetry sound as a performance

Franziska Rogaar
Born 1997 in Oldenburg. Since 2016: Studied 2 subjects Bachelor Art and Media/Netherlands Studies at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. 2017 - 2018: Project assistant in the context of an internship at the (Bio)Diversity Corridor. Since mid 2018: Webmaster for artecology_network, personal assistant at "studio kunst und landschaft".


Photo of the General Assembly January 2017: Members top from left to right:
Helene von Oldenburg, Werner Henkel, Hildegard Kurt, Kerstin Polzin, Emmo Poetzsch, Insa Winkler, Jaana Prüss, Haike Rausch, Torsten Grosch.
below from left to right:
Claudia Reiche, Anja Schöller, Brigitte Raabe, Ludwig Fischer.

Jaana Prüss, artist, cultural activist, curator and project manager called 2004 Morgengrün Kommunikation, in order to conceive and implement projects in the fields of art, culture and sustainability. They was awarded the special prize "Environment Media Prize 2010" by Deutsche Umwelthilfe for outstanding achievements in communicating nature and environmental issues. Your publication 'fair-handeln! Anstiftungen für zukunftsfähiges Handeln' was awarded "Project Sustainability 2015" by the German Council for Sustainable Development and nominated Environmental Book of the Year by the German Environmental Foundation.
Participatory Projects in Public Space: Among Neighbours to the European Capital of Culture Istanbul 2010, In Transit, 5th European Month of Photography, 2013; Market of Capabilities, Citizen Art Days, 2013; Black Market for Errors, degrowth Leipzig 2014
Jaana Check for wikipedia
Brigitte Raabe *1961, Michael Stephan *1961, Piet Trantel *1957 Since 2009, they have been developing the Ilennale, a 49-year cultural project dealing with the activation of idea potentials, the development of processes of reevaluation, non-commercial practice and the transmission of knowledge over generations: Harburger Socken, Hamburg 2016, Von Haus zu Haus, Tosterglope from 2013-15,, Pflanzenpflegestation, Bremen 2011/13, RESTKUNST, Cologne 2012.

Insa Winkler
born 1960, Dipl. Bildende Kunst 1989, M.Sc. Architektur und Umwelt 2009, Ph.D. Leuphana University Lüneburg 2010, founding member and head of Social Land Art Project e.V., 1999 - 2007, founding member of artecology_network e.V. 2010; "Reflexion Tschernobyl", with affected residents* in the damaged zone Belarus 1996, "Das Eichelschwein", participative agriculture (2003 - 2007), "Independency Water", testing drinking water improvement by EM itself: COP15, Copenhagen 2009.

Torsten Grosch and Haike Rausch 431art - Torsten Grosch, Haike Rausch - have been working as an artist duo for 20 years. Academic degree: Dipl. Designer. 2009 Foundation of botanoadopt and the plant flap (participative long-term project with currently more than 1000 indoor plants). 2012 Particle accelerator - intervention on nuclear power (NRW). Schmeck die Heimat - public water tastings (with urban sounds). Referendum on the inclusion of homeless plants, Switzerland 2016. International conferences: Ruhr 2010, DRHA London, ISEA Istanbul, SPVH Zagreb.

Bärbel Hische, visual artist and initiator of several cultural projects, active member of artecology_networks e.V., looks in the work with, at and with the their central concern for nature. Water as a theme, material and spiritual Since then, raw material has been the building block of many art projects. In 2001 their Installation 'FlussBett' sponsored by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt. Since then, project and working titles have been written like 'written in the water', abundance' or 'floating' on the close relationship to this vital element.