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Here you will find an archive of collective environmental art projects: More Moor, reflection Chernobyl, artists meet farmers, hinterland avant-garde...

Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford

Institute for Art, Culture and Sustainability e.V.

LITTORAL is a non-profit-making arts trust
which aims to develop new arts projects
in response to issues about social, environmental, and cultural change.

The Schweisfurth Foundation promotes ways into a future worth living.
Sustainability in dealing with nature is just as important as the creative design of cultural contexts.

The portal for art and environment in the USA
KiöR e.V. organizes art in public space, everywhere in Hamburg, where "art" is rather a foreign word ...
... and projects in Vienna that deal with places, landscapes and their social structures.

LandKunstLeben e.V. Bucholz in Brandenburg
Christine Hoffmann is working with the association on the amalgamation of regional and international cultural work...

The network Cultura21 is committed to a cultural change, which sees itself as a prerequisite and strategy for the urgently needed social-ecological change in society...

thealit conceives programs that create suitable conditions for interactions between artistic and theoretical reflection...