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Here you will find press releases, dates and information for download.

The field week in June 2017 in the district of Oldenburg was welcomed with great response. First press response:

People should find the way to sustainability
[...] "People who want to deal with the tension between land use and nature conservation are welcome here. They are invited to get to know ideas, bring them with them and develop them further," says Insa Winkler. [...] A container in Kirchhatten is the centre of a sustainability project in the district of Oldenburg. The bond between man and nature is to be strengthened.
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Reiner Haase, 22.06.2017

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Fig.1: (Bio) Diversity corridor _Summer, photo Peer Holthuizen
Fig.2: Press release on June 14, 2017 in the project container Kirchhatten, Photo: Anja Schoeller


Field week dates:

Location: Project container and Klimahaus Kirchhatten, Hauptstrasse 21, 26209 Hatten

Monday, 12 June 2017, 17:30
Wildeshausen County Hall: Information event about the project "Favorite places" by Werner Henkel

Wednesday, June 14th, 9- 10:30
Klimahaus Kirchhatten: "Research alliances in the district of Oldenburg" Prof. Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier.
16- 19:00 "Dear NEOphyt" Anja Schoeller, Project Container

Friday, 16 June, 10-12:30 : "(Bio) Diversity: Exploring a Concept", Prof. Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier, Prof. Dr. Ludwig, Fischer, Insa Winkler, project container
14-17:00 "Eiche zu Eiche", Insa Winkler, Revierförsterei Hasbruch, Vielstedt (max. 28 participants: Registration required under tel. 0172 15 70070)

Monday, June 19, 14-16.30 "living workshop" , Hildegard Kurt, project container
18-21.00"Making visible initiatives for a sustainable future", Liz Clarke, Maraja Riechers, Zentrum Prinzhöfte, Schulenbergerstrasse 4, Harpstedt

Tuesday, 20.06., 9:00-12:30 "ReThink - ReStructure - ReConnect", Daniela Peukert, Peer Holthuizen, Project container

Project container from 14 o'clock :

Dear NEOphyt

* AHP, Everyday Action Workshop- R&ST

favourite places, info with Werner Henkel

Kitchen mobile , elderberry with Jaana Prüss

CIVIL WILDERNESS, Helene von Oldenburg, Claudia Reiche

Opening of the (Bio) Diversity Corridor, 18 hrs

Greeting from Mayor Christian Pundt
"Goals and Ways of Sustainable Development", Prof. Dr. Daniel Lang, Speaker Leverage Points
"Climate and Social Landart", Insa Winkler, Project Management artecology_network

Climate day Wildeshausen
7 May 2017, 13 - 18 o'clock
Project status at the town festival: "Spargel-Gesundheit-Wellness":
Project Presentation '(Bio) Diversity Corridor
Presentation Kitchen Mobile: "Making wild herb salts yourself

General project information

Invitation to press conference
on 14 June 2017, 11 a.m.

Invitation to the opening
on 20 June 2017, 6 p.m.

Program fieldweek
12th - 20th June 2017