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The exhibition "Zwischenbilanz" of the (Bio) Diversity Corridor in the District of Oldenburg from 18.09.2017 - 06.10.2017
in the foyer of the Wildeshausen County Hall

On our Facebook page you find pictures from the Exhibition und here Impressions from the process.

Invitation to download

24 July - 04 August: gildE - Pilgrimage of Kerstin Polzin "from farmer to farmer" along the Huder cycle route of agriculture

Workshop CIVIL WILDERNESS with Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche in Harpstedt at the Rosenfreibad, August 2 from 16 - 17:30
Information about Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche Civil Wilderness

From 31 July - 13 August Insa Winkler researches oak trees in the district of Oldenburg
Workshop Oak to oak on Saturday, the 04. and 06.October from 15 - 17h , Entrance of the Kreishaus Wildeshausen, Delmenhorster Straße 6
Information about Insa Winkler, oak to oak

LIEBLINGSPLÄTZE Two-day workshop with Werner Henkel on 26th and 27th August 2017 (location in Wildeshauser Geest Nature Park to be announced)
Information about Werner Henkel, favourite places

KITCHENMOBIL with Jaana Prüss, workshop on Sunday, September September 10th at the farmers market in Ganderkesee,
Information about Jaana Prüss, Kitchen mobile

Information about Peer Holthuizen
High seat for innovation potentials


Image 1: Artists and sponsors at the BDK press conference
Image 2: Insight into the exhibition 'Zwischenbilanz' in the foyer of the Kreishaus Wildeshausen

"How can (bio)diversity corridors in the district of Oldenburg nourish, promote and drive a sustainable and future-oriented life?"

The project (Bio) Diversity Corridor Part 1 is realized with kind support:

Bingo Environment Foundation Lower Saxony
County Oldenburg
Oldenburg landscape
Nature Park Wildeshauser Geest
Community Hatten
District of Oldenburg
Community of Hude
LEB Rural adult education
Leuphana University of Lüneburg