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Program in June 2018

17th - 19.06.2018 - artecology_network on the way to sites of (bio)diversity corridor
Expedition with the kitchen mobile: From oak to oak through the district (Insa Winkler, Jaana Prüss)

19.06.2018 - Rendezvous with R&S Collective
You will find us in the centre of Hude

20.06.2018 - Neophyte stalk: Workshop with Anja Schoeller, Peter Becker
Start at studio kunst und landschaft, Am Klosterkiel 53, 27798 Hude- Wüsting

21.06.2018 - (Bio)Diversitätskorridor - CAMP ab 14 Uhr (also at studio kunst und landschaft Hude -Wüsting:
Cooperation meeting: artecology_network and the project 'Leverage Points' (Leuphana University Lüneburg) in the seminar room studio kunst und landschaft:
Crossover with feedback on the previous artecology_network initiatives and results and experiences from the project 'Leverage Points' in the (Bio)Diversity Corridor in studio kunst und landschaft

afterwards from 5 pm: Presentation of the research work of Maraja Riechers with participants from Dötlingen

22.06.2018 - (Bio)Diversity Corridor - FEST
Kitchenmobil: "Wild herb buffet and neophyte cocktails" with Peter Becker and Team artecology_network

Start with Landvolk tractor from 18 o'clock
Summer solstice fire music: Didgeridoo and Diembe: Luca Arvzaroli
Dance in the garden: DJ Techno: Maissar Rose


Events 2018

21.05.2018 - R&STcollective - What are you doing yourself!
AHP(Action -Happening - Performance) at studio kunst und landschaft on "Open Garden Day" Hude

29.04.2018, Climate Mile Wildeshausen: Cooperation with the project 'Leverage Points' (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
Kitchen mobile with Jaana Prüss
What are you doing yourself! with R&ST Collective
Loved NEOphyt with Anja Schoeller and Neophytes Delicacies by Peter Becker
How to change? with 'Leverage Points'
Pictures of the Climate Mile

14.05.2018 - gildE workshop (internal) by Kerstin Polzin with farmers from Hude in the seminar room of studio kunst und landschaft

08.04.2018 Kitchen mobile use for "spring awakening" within the future mile Ganderkesee with Insa Winkler
(spring makes ask (spring makes ask))
12.04.2018, gildE Workshop (internal) by Kerstin Polzin in Wardenburg/successor project


The project (Bio) Diversity Corridor is being realized with kind support:

Bingo Environment Foundation Lower Saxony
County Oldenburg
Oldenburg landscape
Nature Park Wildeshauser Geest
Community Hatten
District of Oldenburg
Community of Hude
LEB Rural adult education
Leuphana University of Lüneburg